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Take Your Life To The Next Level

“Power Relationship Retreat”

Regina Canada

Sept 8 - 10, 2017

Take Your Relationship & Inner Happiness to the Next Level.

It has been proven over and over again: that a key element common to happy people is the quality of their relationships.

Most relationships are Not set up for success and it’s Not your fault. The imprint you’ve been given rarely set’s you up for the success you’ve been looking for. And having great relationships is what leads to success in all areas of your life. The Power Relationship Retreat is the best and most transforming program available to date. We will assess and change your relationship imprint right on the spot!

Over the retreat weekend you will get tools from the experts that have proven success time and time again.

The Power Relationship Retreat will cover topics like:

  • Respect for yourself and your partner
  • Is your partner a soul mate or a lust mate, and how to turn them into a soul mate
  • Learn not to be blindsided – "I will not be an ostrich"
  • The difference between compassion and enabling
  • The difference between support and co-dependence
  • Talking and listen skills
  • The Stages of a relationship and how to get through them
  • Your partner and your family comes first – presenting a united front to the outside world and extended family
  • Dealing with haters – which also may be extended family and loved ones
  • Setting boundaries with relatives or friends

So don’t wait, take your relationship to the next level of growth, understanding and intimacy. Sign up Today.

First Button is for one person at $1495 second button at $2590 below is for Couples