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Vision Retreat

Sept 22, 2017 -10 AM Start

Sept 24, 2017 - 4 PM Finish

Menifee, CA

Vision is for those wanting to get clarity and connection. Those going out on Vision will be trained in how to make a stronger connection with their self, a long with understanding how to use, connect and get answers from the nature and Spirit world around them. You can’t believe how much you will learn about yourself while in this process. And the Clarity you will gain. 

And because this is a two-person process, with you and your supporter. Your supporter will gain a deeper understanding of what it truly means to support someone in a completely different way.  And you will gain an understanding of true support. 

Both of you will have a clarity and healing like never before. Both in your own unique way. 

So, don’t put off what will change both of your lives by stepping into and taking this ancient process. 

Vision Camp is where you get the tools, time and support to open up to finding the True Clear Vision of the next clear steps you need to take in your life. 

The mountains and rock formations you will be sitting in will only add to the focus that is needed for clear Vision. I have lead thousands of people in this process over the last few decades of seeking vision and have been witness to many great awaking’s and life changing outcomes as a result of this process. So join us in Vision and find the next true step on your path in life.

Remember the cost of this camp covers the cost of one person going on Vision and one person to support that person going out. 

Early Bird Price of $595

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