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Mama Bear's Camp:  Divine Goddess Revealed - A Tribal Journey

When:  TBA

Where:  Yucca Valley, CA

Join your Sister’s on a Tribal Journey to a Reveal. 

A Reveal of a level of Divine goddess that you may not know existed.  Roberta “Mama Bear” Moon will lead you with the wisdom and experience of 25+ years in indigenous native ceremonies and women’s teachings.  Through the course of the day you will meet your Divine Goddess and learn how to integrate her into your day to day life and the “square” world.  Since this Camp is designed for each participant to gain personalized training, Mama Bear is limiting the number of participants.   

Start time:  

End time:  

BONUS!  Meals are included in the price!  Delicious vegetarian lunch and dinner will be prepared by the Monastery Monks 

BONUS!  Each participant will leave with a gift that will support their Divine Goddess

During this camp you will learn these teachings, and participate in ceremonies:

  •   The Medicine Wheel as a Tool for Healing
  •   Indigenous Purification
  •   Medicine Wheel Prayer Ties
  •   Teachings on identifying your personal animal guides and how to use them in everyday life
  •   Dragon Fly Medicine Teachings – breaking through the illusion
  •   Healing of past pains through indigenous teachings 
  •   Turning hopeless to hopeful, moment by moment – overcoming personal struggles
  •   Walking away – self-protection and the results of empowerment
  •   Gaining clarity and how to implement it in your life
  •   Responsibility and Boundaries – loyalty and choices
  •   Mama Bear Medicine Teachings  - application to the Divine Goddess within

++Plus more activities that will support a successful and safe journey

We welcome international participants and will assist in your lodging arrangements at Madre Grande.

The nearest airport is San Diego, California

Participants can expect an email with additional information for an enriched day

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