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Hawk's Bio

D. “Hawk” Moon MA,MBA, PhD is an International, Motivational, Inspirational, and Success Master Trainer with over 40 years of experience in moving people forward through their problems to reach their goals. He has helped tens of thousands of people through his company Thunder Development in reaching their next level of Success.

Hawk has hosted an award winning radio show that was aired to over 54 countries is a published author of Walk in Balance, Live in Truth & Find Happiness and has owned and operated many successful business. D. “Hawk” Moon MA, MBA & PhD is the CEO/Owner/Top Success Trainer of Thunder Development.

Hawk’s passion has been and always will be, helping people to live a full and empowered life.

For those of you that think Hawk is talking from a blessed life without pain or tragedy you would be wrong. So that you know he speaks from experience, here is a little more of his bio;

D. “Hawk” Moon started his life out as a part Native American child being raised by his Grandparents in the worst parts of Los Angeles California. Living with different family members for many years he had to fight his way to and from school on most days. Being homeless at times and eating out of trash cans gave him a deep understanding of how bad things could get for people. At age 17 he enlisted in the United States Navy where he spent the next three years traveling in and out of Vietnam. Hawk also buried his oldest son when the son was only 18. He started understanding that a good foundation, a good set of personal tools and a removal of limitations and blockages can set you free from the pain and fear that tries to take hold of you.

Using the tools that Hawk has developed over the years has allowed him to be happily married for over 25 years, have a beautiful daughter and three successful businesses. Hawk has designed his camps to give you the same freedom, happiness, success and strength he enjoys in his own life.

Roberta's Bio

Roberta Moon is an International Inspirational Success Trainer with over 25 years of Experience in moving people towards their goals and overcoming challenges.  She has helped tens of thousands of people through her various companies to bring success and harmony into their lives.

Along with the training and business skills she has attained through her years in the business world, she has also studied with various leaders in the indigenous community.  Most notable with her husband D. “Hawk” Moon, since 1989, in various indigenous teachings.

Roberta was also a top athlete in high school and community college until a car accident fractured her neck and a body surfing accident dislocated her shoulder and caused her to lose a coveted swimming scholarship.  The unexpected change caused her to work and put herself through college, oftentimes holding down four jobs at once.  She graduated with a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Law and Society.

Early life presented challenges for Roberta.  She was born pigeon toed and had to wear leg braces.  Looking for a sport to accommodate her disability her parents signed her up for swim team at age seven.  She became a Top State Ranked age group, high school and collegiate swimmer. She also grew up the eldest of five children (three born while she was in her teens) in a house that was controlled by alcoholism and related dysfunction.  Her devotion to her family and siblings drove her success and leadership; she worked hard to set a good example. 

Roberta was one of the first female EMT ambulance driver in South Orange County when she was only 18.  After college she rose quickly in the ranks of the staffing industry.  She won a district manager position with a National staffing service at age 23 and she was managing staff twice her age successfully. 

She met and married her husband Hawk and was introduced to his family’s teachings.  She apprenticed for seven years before Hawk invited her to learn the ceremonial teachings.  When Roberta and Hawk had been married for seven years Hawk had to bury his 18 year old son.  Roberta and Hawk had just had a baby girl.

Fast forward twenty years and Roberta’s greatest fulfillment has been as mother to her daughter, supporting her son in law,  while he pursues a career as a Marine in the military and continued strong marriage to Hawk.  Roberta and Hawk have founded and sold a staffing company in Orange County, CA and currently own a staffing service, a security firm, and a seminar/retreat company in Riverside County, CA. 

Hawk’s teachings of balance are the cornerstone of how Roberta’s family conducts business, and personal affairs.  The family slogan is to turn hopeless into hopeful moment by moment. Roberta’s strength and drive to move herself forward, despite tough circumstances and situations, and to continue learning what it takes to have a successful and happy life is an example to many.  Roberta is approachable, confidential and intuitive and her devotion to support each person’s personal journey and development is what directs her.