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 True Men's Retreat 



Men’s retreats over the last number of years have lost their appeal, because most men’s retreats are about camping, eating and being guys and men can do that with their male friends for a lot less money, but what do they get out of it is some temporary male bonding? The answer is not much.

I have been asked many times over the years by men and yes, even women in 7 countries if I have anything just for the men, as even the women in your life knows you need tools about being a man in today’s world. With the ever changing dynamics in today’s world along with poor and at times no role models for men to choose from, men’s retreats are even more important today than they were 30 years ago.

I have found that when we work together as just men we are able to face and release things that we don’t want our women to know about. This means we are able to go to deeper depths on release and power without holding back.

Here are some of the topics we will work on as men

  • Words Matter, use them wisely
  • Integrity
  • Moving obstacles out of the way
  • Learning to Say no without guilt or regret
  • Being Passionate and what that really means
  • Being Confident without being arrogant
  • Being Faithful
  • Men and Violence
  • Male Depression
  • Masculinity
  • And more…

This is an interactive program, so be ready to grow, learn, brake through, release and triumph as men!!!!!